Word?!?! Ms. Marvel


Marvel’s a weird company. I haven’t enjoyed any titles they’ve come out with as of recent, they just don’t do anything for me anymore. I don’t think I’m alone – Marvel is making some big changes as of late in terms of artist direction. They keep making the new writer this, delayed writer, replacement writer that, but they are doing some pretty interesting things with their art. They’re giving artist’s like Marco Rudy and Mike Del Mondo interior page gigs with total control of the subject matter. Mike Del Mondo’s new Elektra book was designed with large landscape fold out pages as part of the story! In short – marvel is trying to do some new things. 

Ms. Marvel #1 has shown a lot of growth as of recent, and almost all of the early first volume back issues are getting harder to find. As well, Spider-Woman #1 and Marvel Spotlight #32, both regarded as the first appearance of Spider-Woman, have seen a lot of growth – Those two books just keep spiking higher and higher. There has also been some talk of recent of doing a new The Dazzler title. The Dazzler, a character right out of the cocaine aspect of the disco era. And She-Hulk #1. She-Hulk #1 is selling online when a few months ago they were almost unsellable! 

SO what am I saying? Marvel is reaching out to its woman characters and there is a lot of growth in those titles.  Something’s happening with these marvel female characters.


Heres a run down of books I think you should buy
Ms. Marvel Volume 1 any issues – specifically #1
She-Hulk #1 
Marvel Spotlight #32 and Spider-Woman #1
X-Men #130 First appearance of The Dazzler 

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