Week of November 20 Report

This week has been pretty crazy speculatively speaking. Preacher was finally confirmed to have a TV show in the works (from AMC) and Issue #1 has gone from a $35 – $100 book to a $250 – $400 book!
It made me ask the question, what is good to buy this week?


Well, Preacher #1s obviously if you can find them as well as this nice gem.
Absolute Vertigo, this book features the first appearance of Preacher, is selling for $40 as of right now, and can still be found easily in your LCS’s back issue bin for $1!


This week has also seen a lot of movement in Dark Horse’s big movie comic! The Strain!
This book is picking up steam again! Holding onto issues waiting for the value to go up? Its happened.


Izombie #1 is still a strong contender, sure the variant is almost impossible to find offline, but people don’t seem to have that much interest in this book. I think that will change as more information leaks out from the television series currently in production at CW.

Another character that has been rumored to have something happening in the works and had a crucial story telling role in Flashpoint is BoosterGold.
Were there BoosterGold Easter eggs in the Superman Man of Steel Movie? Probably.
Did Dan Dido say something “big” was in the works for this character? Yes.
is this a backissue $1 – $5 book? No, $5 is too much for a Booster Gold #1 (aka the first appearance of Booster Gold)

Another title that came out this week that everyone seems to be interested in is Harley Quinn #0 – looks like the variant might be a good book to pick up!

A great book that started on Kickstarter, has seen been picked up by Image / Top Cow and sold out at the retailer level is A Voice in the Dark.
This book was a great read ( I read it) and the creator is one of the nicest guys! (I’ve spoken to him) – pick up this book!

Thats all for now, happy hunting.

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