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Week in Review: August 14

    Welcome to the Week in Review – where we look at the books being released every week and highlight which ones have potential to heat up online. A book that isn’t selling well but I think you should be thinking about is Captain Marvel #9. While this book hasn’t been selling above its cover price, a lot of

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Week in review: January 30

This week there are a few books you should be thinking about. This week sees the release of WWE Forever #1. This book has two regular covers and a special Boom Studios unlocked ratio variant. If retailers ordered 15 or more copies they would unlock a special one-per store virgin variant cover. While this book currently does not have any

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The First Appearance of the Power Rangers (In Comics)

This article is an excerpt from the Comic Book Scalping video series, “This week in Speculation.” This article originally appeared in episode 3. This video and more can be found on our youtube channel. Since the Boom relaunch and the Shattered Grid Storyline, Power Ranger comic books have really started to take off. In 2016 Boom studios started to release

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