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Swamp Thing #29 (1984) and the Comic Book Code

Join us as we look at Swamp Thing #29 and how it was published while bypassing the Comic Book Code.

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Spotlight on Miracleman

Last month Bleedingcool reported that Mark Buckingham had been working with Neil Gaiman to complete their arc on Miracleman. According to Bleedingcool the story has been plotted and scripted and all that is left to do is for Mark Buckingham to draw the pages. Sales of Miracleman Key issues have been down in the past few years so Marvel finally

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Magazine Speculation Part 2: Warrior Magazine

As part of my new spec-ing on magazine series I have a new book to talk about. I’ve talked about this book before on numerous platforms but I don’t think I have fully discussed it here. This article is an excerpt from the Comic Book Scalping video series, “This week in Speculation.” This article originally appeared in episode 5. This

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2018: DC Money Moves

I havn’t written a post in a month… Feels good. Eventually I play to do a write up about some books I missed in the last few months. With DC’s new Doomsday Clock title they have been doing some interesting things bringing back Alan Moore’s DC created characters. Part of this included Moore’s characters with America’s Best Comics. America’s Best

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