First appearance of a “Young” Punchline?


I have tried to detail all of the various “Punchline” Batman books but this is a really weird one. Earlier this week certain speculators noticed the appearance of a character that looked like a young Punchline appearing in the 2007 Batman #664. Batman #664 was written by Grant Morrison and features artwork by Andy Kubert. While the creator of Punchline, James Tynion IV, has made it clear that Punchline’s first appearance is in Batman #89, some comic buyers are gobbling up copies of Batman #664 – with the most recent sale being for $30. Below are the three pages from Batman #664 that this “young Punchline” character appears in.


Batman 664 1Batman 664 3Batman 664 4


Unlike the debunked Batman #38 appearance, the images inside Batman #664 have a few speculators ignoring Tynion’s designation of when this character first appeared. It is my opinion that this is just a fluke coincidence and that this character is not the same character currently appearing in Tynion’s Batman series. Either way, this is a still a great book to be looking for as it is currently selling for a premium online.

Batman #664


What do you think – is this the same Punchline character that appears in the current Batman run or is this something else entirely? Let me know in the comments or on social media! Thanks for reading!


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  • Well, even if it wasn’t the original intention to have that character grow into Punchline it could all be ret-conned easy enough if the timeline fits.

  • monopolyjackson

    Thats not Punchline. Man, flippers are desperate for specs….they are creating shit out of thin air and trying to connect dots when there is no connection to begin with.

  • I usually hate these type of speculations, BUT….i kinda LIKE this one! 😀 I can see how that character Ellie could flip and become a ‘punchline’ of sorts, meaning Batman’s attempts of Trying to get her off the streets and going straight – comes back to bite him in the ass?! It’s a stretch but I LIKE THAT.
    Btw, Bats’ response to her? SAVAGE. “you can smile and answer a phone,right?” Morrison’s Batman was the grimy AF.

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