And the Batwoman Beyond is…

In late December we ran a post about Batman Beyond #40 and how Batman Beyond #39 leads the way for the reveal of the new Batwoman Beyond character. Batman Beyond #40 is released this week (January 22, 2020) and already the contents have leaked online. Batman Beyond #40 has already sold out at the distribution level and has a few sales online above its $3.99 cover price. This book has two covers, one featuring art by Dustin Nguyen and the other featuring artwork by Francis Manapul.
.Batman Beyond #40 Cover A and B.
This leak comes directly from Jim Comics who posted the reveal pages on instagram earlier today. This new Batwoman character is Elainna Grayson – Richard Grayson’s daughter. Elainna Grayson first appeared in Batman Beyond #25 from October 2018.

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 3.36.48 PM

This book has two covers – while these two covers have been trending up recently this new reveal should push this book up considerably. Its also worth mentioning that the first print of Batman Beyond #37 seems to be holding its value – with a second print that has been selling for double its cover price.


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