Retro Rewind: Monsters Maniacs & Moore: Alan Moore on Alan Moore (1987)

I recently stumbled across this documentary and I don’t understand why it isn’t talked about it more often. England Their England: Monsters, Maniacs, and Moore is a 1987 documentary made for British television where Alan Moore explains why he is the comic book messiah of the 1990’s.
This forty minute short film explores Alan Moore’s personal outlook and philosophy on life which gives a great perspective on his works including Swamp Thing and Watchmen.
I highly recommend watching this entire 40 minute film. It is a underrated gem and will help you understand just how great (and crazy) Alan Moore has always been.

I think my favorite part of this film is when Alan Moore asks himself  “now come on, whats this business with ducks, isn’t that a little psychotic? What the hell do you have against ducks?”

Watch the full film below. The audio goes out for two minutes at the 18 minute mark but comes back. This is the highest quality version I have been able to find online.



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