Long Term Hold: Strange Academy #1

Following our trend of spotlighting books while they’re still available for retailers to order I thought we could put a spotlight on the upcoming Marvel Comics title Strange Academy #1.  This new title is written by fan favorite Skottie Young and features artwork by Humerto Ramos.
Strange Academy #1.jpeg

Marvel released a promotional video for this title in early December where Skottie Young described this new book as “a book about a magic school set in the marvel universe. We’re creating a whole group of kids for this school that have their roots in what we love about the marvel universe, but they’re going to be brand new characters for us to get to know and love.”

Strange Academy 4.jpg

Strange Academy seems to be the Marvel Universe’s answer to the Harry Potter franchise. Marvel is bringing out almost all of their magic related characters for this book including Doctor Strange, Brother Voodoo, Magik, The Ancient One, Hellstrom and The Scarlet Witch. This book will also feature numerous first appearances of new characters who are learning just exactly how they fit within the Marvel Universe.
Strange Academy #1 1-25.jpg
While I don’t think this book is going to heat up a few weeks after its released I do think this book has great long term potential. The sky is the limit for these new characters and with Kevin Feige as Chief Creative Officer of Marvel these characters have the potential of being real breakout stars.

This title has five regular covers as well as a few high end ratio covers. The regular covers can be preordered from Things From Another World at a discount.



Strange Academy #1 Regular Cover
Strange Academy #1 Skottie Young Cover
Strange Academy #1 Character Spotlight Variant
Strange Academy #1 Ramos Design Variant
Strange Academy #1 J. Scott Campbell Cover


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    Don’t think some of us have not noticed that you have twice now started a comic book top 100 list and have failed both times to finish it…..some of us are reading these things…..Let’s see the results.

  • AS soon as I saw ‘Strange Academy’ in the current Previews i KNEW this would be a long-term winner. Cant. Wait! 😀

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