Rumor Watch: Doctor Aphra and Disney Plus

Star Wars Unity put out an article today about a prevalent rumor that based on the success of the Disney Plus Mandalorian series, Disney was looking to introduce Doctor Aphra on the streaming service. Doctor Aphra is an archaeologist that works for the Dark Empire. As a result of this article, various other star wars related websites have started reporting this news.
Doctor Aphra first appeared in Darth Vader #3 published by Marvel comics in 2015. There was also a one in twenty five variant cover. In December of 2016 Doctor Aphra was given her own on-going series and while there were several store variant for this title there was also a one per store black and white variant cover.

Star Wars Doctor Aphra
If this news proves to be true – all three of these books will start to increase in interest. Since the news broke earlier today on Star Wars Unity, all three of these books have had multiple sales online.


What do you think? Are you excited for this news? Is this just another Star Wars pipe dream? Let me know in the comments or on social media.


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  • Great news if it happens 😁

  • Let’s see.. A very popular Star Wars character that first appeared in a comic book? Well, that would be very good news for those who got in on this character early on! Her droid friends would be very fun to watch as well! “If” this does go down the 1:25 will probably go nuts! Hopefully Disney will make some sort of official announcement sooner or later wither way.

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