Undervalued Spotlight on Young Justice #1

This week we saw the release of Young Justice #10 with the “groundbreaking” revelation that former Robin Tim Drake was taking on the new character name of “Drake”. It was this image that made me realize the potential of this team and its characters.

Young Justice is made up of Jinny Hex, Tim Drake, Teen Lantern, Wonder Girl and Impulse – all of these characters joined the Young Justice in Young Justice #1. However, one of these characters made their first appearance in Young Justice #1 – Teen Lantern.
Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 3.57.54 PM
Teen Lantern is Keli Quintela, she is an eleven-year old from La Paz, Boliva that hacked into the Green Lantern Power Battery. Teen Lantern has rigged her own way to pull the source energy into her own gauntlet which she has been able to reprogram unbeknownst to the Green Lantern Crops.

Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 9.08.10 PM
This character hasn’t thoroughly been explored in the last ten issues of Young Justice and I believe there is potential within the DC universe for this character. We could potentially see a solo series in the very near future, this character was created by Brian Michael Bendis after all. I think Young Justice #1 is a great book to be buying and holding onto.

This book has eight regular covers including a Blank and a black and white sketch variant. There were no ratio or store variants for this book.


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  • I picked up a few copies of issue #1 simply because of BMB launching his Wonder Comics imprint. I like the kinetic energy of the stories and artwork. I picked up the recent #10 as part of my ‘All Things Naomi’ purchases this year. I think SHE has a lot of potential in the future!

  • I agree. Great low cost book to snag and hold onto with massive upside potential. Those are the kinds of books I like to buy.

  • The photo is missing the Putri variant which, importantly, features Teen Lantern on the cover.

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