The Top 100 Modern Comics (By Value) List Part 1

Welcome to our first Comic Book Wars pre-recorded video. This is an under 20 minute youtube video listing the first part of our Top 100 Modern Comics (By Value) List. This list was complied by Sleepy Jawn who is at it again changing how we look at comic speculation. While the audio is spotty at times the information is very solid. This is the first part of our new video series. Please subscribe to our channel and like his video for push notifications about our new content!



Read more posts from Sleepy Jawn here in our “Speculating with Sleepy Jawn” Section. You can also listen to him on the Comic Book Wars podcast – the official podcast!

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  • This is a great idea! Love it, love that you guys are trying to build something for everyone, keep up the good work… dont make us wait five weeks for all the videos either!

  • Can you please just add a list so we don’t have to watch a video.

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