The Amazing Mary Jane #1 Secret Variant

Last week Marvel released a special “secret” variant cover and some how it slipped under my radar. The secret variant was for The Amazing Mary Jane #1. This seems like a weird title for Marvel to have done a secret variant for but in the past few months all of the issues Marvel has done these special covers for have turned into significant books – Captain Marvel #8 the first appearance of Star was the last secret variant released by Marvel.
The Amazing Mary Jane #1 had two regular covers – one of them was an Artgerm cover B. This book is the one that had the “secret variant” inserted into retailer orders. Many retailers are reporting that they received this book in a 1 in 10 ratio. The Artgerm cover has a film chalkboard placard on the front of the cover and the “secret cover” has the trade dress writing in chalk as opposed to the titles logo. The secret variant is the cover to the right in the image below.
Banner Mary Jane
There was also a 1 in 100 ratio virgin variant cover of this same cover offered for this title. I’m not sure why Marvel would chose this title to do a secret variant for but I do think its worth looking for in the wild. So far this variant is only selling for double to triple its original cover price.


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