Why The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe is a key book


The Punisher is one of my favorite characters in the marvel universe, so I have very fond memories of when I started collecting comics and started trying to get all of the key Punisher issues. One of the books I had trouble finding was the Garth Ennis penned, Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe one-shot. Published in 1995 and on Marvel “alterniverse” imprint – this book can sell for $30 to $50 in high grade condition – and CGC 9.8 copies sell for $125 to $150 – but why?

Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe


First Garth Ennius punisher 1995 – second print and third print

2008 reprint – european variant covers


Now he’s coming back for a new punisher series

series has inspisried various “kills the marvel universe” series including Deadpool and Wolverine.


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