Week in Review: October 16

Hello and welcome to the week in review on Comicbookspeculation.com – home of the original week in review – where we go over all of the hot books being released to comic book stores this week. These books are being released on October 16, 2019.

This week seems to be a pretty light week for the Wednesday warrior. One book I want to talk about is the Venom #18 Second print variant. Marvel in their infinite wisdom have continued to produce ratio variant covers for second printings. The Venom #18 second print has a 1:25 sketch variant cover. This cover follows the recent “Immortal” wrap-around cover theme. This book has been selling for $30 to $50.
Venom #18 second print
Another book that comes out this week that has some buzz around it is Captain Marvel #11. Key Collector leaked the last page of this issue that shows Star revealing herself as the reality stone. Its more than likely that this book will tie into the “evil Captain Marvel” character that has been rumored for Captain Marvel #12.
Captain Marvel #11
One last book that comes out this week that has caught my interest is the Rock and Roll comics oneshot. ROCK & ROLL BIOGRAPHIES GWAR published by Acme Ink has over 40 copies sold on ebay – which is a rarity for a rock and roll biography comic book as well as for an independent book. This is usually a good indication that a book will perform well on the secondary market. Gwar has had numerous comic books since they were first introduced in the 1988 mini comic Clean-Dirty Comix #1. Since then there have been a hand full of Gwar comic books and all of them sell well on the open market. I think Gwar books are sleeper books and I believe while this book isn’t currently selling for above cover price, it will follow the same trend as previous Gwar comics before it.
Rock and Roll biographies Gwar


That is your week in review! Let me know in the comments (or on social media)  if I missed any books you think are spec worthy!


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