News broke earlier today about Nova being in active development in Marvels Cinematic Universe. While this has yet to be confirmed officially – it is coming from what I would consider a very reliable source. While some websites are reporting that Nova will debut in Marvel’s Phase 5 – all I know right now is that Marvel is working on a Nova project.


Richard Rider first appeared in Nova #1 from 1976. While other characters have put on the Nova costume I am a strong believer that Marvel will be using the original Nova, Richard Rider, in the Cinematic Universe. While this book has been building up interest over the past three years I think the book is still undervalued. While a CGC 9.8 copy did sell earlier today for $1220 – you can still find nice high grade raw copies for a few hundred dollars.


Nova #1

Two other books that have seen a recent spike are the first appearance of Frankie Ray as Nova – Fantastic Four #244 (First appearance was Fantastic Four #243) – and the first appearance of Sam Alexander as Nova – Marvel Point One #1.


Fantastic Four #244            Marvel Point One #1

When the Nova project is officially announced I imagine these books will begin to see an avalanche of interest.


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