Hollywood Daze: Ms Marvel and The New Avengers


We already reported on how the Inhumans will be showing up in The Ms Marvel Disney Plus TV show.


Well today Marvel has started to do test screenings for actresses for the Disney Plus Ms. Marvel series and the script has already leaked out. In this script Ms Marvel is being interviewed by “A CAP” – no explanation or clarification on who it could be – and in the leaked dialogue Ms. Marvel talks about watching the New Avengers on the news and also says she is an Inhuman.


There were already rumors that The New Avengers and possible the Young Avengers would be appearing in the MCU – but this seems to confirm that Marvel will start introducing the New Avengers in the MCU starting with the Ms. Marvel Disney Plus show.


The first appearance of the New Avengers team was in the Brian Michael Bendis 2005 series The New Avengers #1. This is a book that most speculators have been tracking down and hoarding. There are several covers including a second print variant cover.

New Avengers #1

Kamala Khan doesn’t join the Avengers until the 2016 series “All-New, All-Different Avengers“. This team consists of Ms Marvel, Falcon, Iron Man, Nova, Miles Morales Spider-Man, Jane Foster Thor and Vision – all characters that seem to be in the works for the new phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (The first issue of this series was issue #0)

Avengers #1 2015 all new all different

Its possible that Marvel is using a mock-up script for the test screening but how realistic would it be for Marvel to use a fake script for a real show? Now is the time to be hunting down Inhuman and New Avenger key books.


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