Week in Review: October 9

Hello and welcome to the week in review on Comicbookspeculation.com – home of the original week in review – where we go over all of the hot books being released to comic book stores this week. These books are being released on October 9, 2019.


This is the week after New York Comic Con so you know what that means? Stores are going to be receiving PX variants this week. PX variants are open order books that are usually limited to 3000 copies. While these books on average sell for $8 to $10+ – You can occasionally find these books for cover price at local comic book stores. The big ones this week are Spider-Verse #1 and Marvel Comics #1001.


Marvel Comics #1001               Spider-Verse #1

Another variant that comes out this week that has been building up a lot of steam is the Joker Year of the Villain #1 Retailer Brian Bolland Variant Cover. We spoke about this book and its controversies in detail here. While all retailers are receiving one copy of this book, retailers that received the recalled books and signed an affidavit that said they destroyed their copies of the recalled Superman #13 and Supergirl #33 would get more copies equal to their orders of Superman #13. The Brian Bolland cover has been selling for $50 to $60.

The Joker #1

Another book on that is selling well on the secondary market is the Captain Marvel #8 Third Print variant. This book has a few sales above its cover price. This book could be another book that sees some attention down the line depending on how the new Star mini-series plays out.
Captain Marvel #8 Third Print
One book I’m looking forward to this week is Ginseng Roots #1. This is Craig Thompson’s new on-going auto-biographical comic book. Craig Thompson is best known for his graphic novel’s Blankets (2003) and Habibi (2011). This book is self-published and has a $5 cover price. I think this is a title most stores and speculators are going to be sleeping on.

Ginseng Roots #1


That is your week in review! Let me know in the comments (or on social media)  if I missed any books you think are spec worthy!


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