DC’s Retailer “Thank You” Joker Brian Bolland Variant?!

Today DC sent a notice out to retailers that has already caused quite a bit of a stir in the retailer community.

We briefly spoke about this in our week in review for August 14 – the week retailers received copies of Supergirl #33 and Superman #14. DC asked retailers to destroy copies of these books and stated “The covers of both issues ultimately did not reflect the contents of the stories. Replacement copies with new covers will be provided at no cost to retailers.” The new covers no longer had the “Year of the villain tag-line”. While DC used the “Year of the villain” excuse, the replacement copies had a very different look for Legion of Super-Heroes preview that appeared in the back pages.


Superman 33          Supergirl #33 recalled

When DC asked retailers to destroy copies of Supergirl #33 and Superman #14 they had no recourse to force retailers not to sell the copies. Diamond was able to take some copies out of retailer orders before the comics were delivered but many retailers still received the books and while interest has since dwindled these recalled books initially sold very well online.

Today DC has announced that retailers that didn’t sell copies and signed their special “affidavit” that stated they destroyed their copies would be receiving several copies of a new The Joker: Year of the Joker #1 Variant cover by Killing Joke artist Brian Bolland.

The Joker #1

The controversy surrounding this is that DC is penalizing retailers that had their books pulled out of their original Diamond shipments. These retailers will only get one copy of this new coveted variant. While stores that didn’t sign the “affidavit”
will still get at least one copy! This new DC Retailer Gift variant is starting to look like a big headache for retailers fighting the online market.

The Joker: Year of the Villain #1 is released on October 9, 2019.


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