Spotlight on 2007/2008 Marvel Reader Surveys Variants

UltraMaximus studies ancient cultures as a hobby. He thinks he has dug something up here…..a Marvel Survey Insert inside of an Incentive Variant?

Have I discovered a new chase like a lost civilization in the sands of a longbox?
X-Men #205 1:15 Incentive variant with a Marvel Survey Insert.



What’s a Marvel Survey Insert you ask? Well, over the years Marvel would insert a survey into their books and offer things to readers for sending it in, much like the modern youtube giveaways. This one in particular for December 2007 and January 2008 was for a chance to win a brand new X-Box 360. Irony as to the placement of this survey, the books all seem to have a centerfold of a 2 page PS3 advertisement, and pasted the X-Box reward right over it! Rivals always find a way to advertise right on top of you I guess!


The research I did before publishing this was huge, so please forgive my extensive details. 14 confirmed regular covers and the 1 Ratio Variant I am showing you here are all that I have been able to confirm exist.
There were 122 single new Marvel issues and covers released in the months of December 2007/January 2008, including the variant covers associated to books released. Of the known Marvel Survey Inserts for the 2007/2008 timeframe confirmed to exist, fifteen books are known as I write this (one more was found while checking research before publishing, but not an incentive or ratio variant). There are 107 more possibilities left to be explored to see if anything else exists. Now, if you think about this, there is of course a possibility for more of these Ratio Incentives with an Insert to exist out of the remaining 107 covers. However, there are no records of this survey showing up inside a ratio incentive variant like the X-men #205 shown here.

How rare is this Variant with a Survey? Well the regular cover of X-Men #205 has not shown to be one that had a Survey Insert. One of these “outliers” may be sitting in your collection. In my humble opinion, these books are like modern day Mark Jeweler variant. In the wild, likely ghosts or undetected. How many comic book dealers are checking inside of every comic they sell to see if they have copies from December 2007 and January 2008 with the randomly inserted survey?

Digging through all 122 releases is not an easy feat itself, but there are a few “key” books with Regular covers in the list with a known insert like Nova #8 that sell for a decent amount before adding in this exponent to the potential value and collectibility. Already familiar with the X-Factor #25 Survey Insert after digging at the LCS for a collection they took in, and finding one there was cool. Inside a ratio variant with no others shown to be sold or exist was crazy to me and I felt the comic community should know about it.


These are the remaining 14 known Regular Cover (Non-Variant Cover) issues to contain the December 2007 and January 2008 Marvel Reader Surveys.

Annihilation Conquest: Starlord #4


Astonishing X-Men #23


Captain America #32


Immortal Iron Fist #10


New Avengers Illuminati #5


New X-Men #44


Nova #8


Omega The Unknown #2

Omega The unknown #2

Penance Relentless #3


Punisher War Journal #13


She-Hulk #23

Uncanny X-Men #492


World War Hulk #5


X-Factor #25


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