Week in Review: September 18

Hello and welcome to the week in review – where we go over all of the hot books being released to comic book stores this week. These books are being released on September 18, 2019.


Earlier this week Bleedingcool broke a story that involved this week’s Spider-Man #1 written by JJ Abrams and Henry Abrams. Bleedingcool has stated that the Spider-Man story isn’t about Peter Parker Spider-man but rather its based around Ben Parker Spider-Man – Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s son. This has caused the first appearance of Ben Parker to blow up online. Ben Parker JR first appeared in Spider-Girl #59 from 2003 – the most recent sales of this book online range between $10 and $20 – this book could really have legs. One thing to keep in mind, Ben Parker Jr exists in Earth 982 and Marvel’s main universe is Earth 616. This new Spider-Man story takes place in the future but I’m unsure what Marvel Universe it takes place in.

Spider-Girl #59

This week’s Forever Maps #1 from Scout Comics has a handful of sales online for just above double of its cover price. This is the first book from Scout Comics new “Binge” Imprint – where they only print a first issue and follow it up with a trade paperback. This seems to be Scout Comics way of catering to the speculator market without having to release monthly issues – I’m not sure if there is any long term potential for this book or any other book from this new “binge” imprint.

Forever Maps #1Space

Another title that comes out this week is Once and Future #2 – the second issue of the hot before release Boom Studios series – this issue has already sold out at the retailer level and in its third printing. With the second issue comes the release of the fifth print variant of the first issue. The Fifth print has a few sales on ebay ranging from $15 to $20. Boom also released the third print for Something is killing the Children #1 – this book has been selling for $10 to $15 online.


Once and Future #1 fifth          SKTC 1 third


One last book that comes out this week that I like is the 1 in 25 variant cover for Valkrie Jane Foster #3. This is a Stephanie Hans variant cover and while its not selling above ratio or featuring a first appearance – I like it and I think its worth picking up for its cover alone.

Valkrie Jane Foster #3


That is your week in review! Let me know in the comments (or on social media)  if I missed any books you think are spec worthy!


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