Silver Surfer Film in Active Development


There seem to be a lot of rumours floating around about different Marvel and Disney projects since the merger of the two companies. Disney is fast tracking a lot of the Marvel projects so they can add the catalog to their upcoming Disney Plus and Hulu streaming service.

Over the past few months we’ve been following various leaks of information for upcoming projects. This morning one of our sources – the same source that indicated She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, and Moon Knight were all going to be announced at the D23 convention months before the announcement – has stated that a Silver Surfer movie is in active development.

The first appearance of the Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four #48, has been on the rise for some time. Over the last three years in graded condition this book has jumped in value – for example, in 2017 the average sale price for a CGC 5.0 FF #48 was $390 – the most recent sale in 2019 was $1600 – In CGC 9.2 in 2007 the average sale price was $2,600 and the most recent sale in 2019 was $7,500. It’s safe to say, without any confirmed news Silver Surfer key books have been on fire.

FF 48Space

     Fantastic Four #49 is another Silver Surfer key book – featuring the first cover appearance of the character. Silver Surfer had his own self-titled series in 1968 in Silver Surfer #1. Both Fantastic Four #49 and Silver Surfer #1 have been following the same sale trends as Fantastic Four #48 and have been trending up for a few years.

FF 49          SS 1

With the Silver Surfer movie in active development there is no doubt these books will see even more of an increased interest.


  • If all this is true and I don’t see why it shouldn’t be, it makes sense, talk about freaking HUGE and about time! So, who else thinks the Keanu Reeves rumors will re-surface with him playing the part of Noran Rad? A side note, if anyone hasn’t gotten Fantastic Four #48 and really has wanted one now might be the last time frame to get it even in low grades before it becomes a couple of mortgage payments. Crazy!

  • Set up for annihilation?

  • I’m so used to long form pieces on here that I was a little stunned at how brief this piece was. Also a little disappointed, only in that the piece only references three books from the Surfer’s history that are “hot.” these are the LEAST surprising since they feature the character’s earliest appearances.

    Now, you tell me some books from the 80’s could be on the radar…something from even the 90’s up? NOW I’m surprised and interested to see the writer’s POV.

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