Hollywood Daze: Robert Pattinson Batman Movie and The Long Halloween

First reported by Comicbook.com

When news came out that Todd Phillips Joker movie wouldn’t be based on any comic book story line and would be a complete out of DC universe story there were a lot of rumblings about what the upcoming Matt Reeves Batman film would be based on. Recently news came out that the new Batman film would not be taking place in the same universe as the 2019 Joker film.

According to Kevin Smith on a recent episode of his Fatman Beyond Podcast – he and co-host Marc Bernardin claim there is a very reputable rumor from what Kevin Smith described as a “good source” that the Batman film would adapt The Long Halloween. Batman the Long Halloween was a 13 issue mini-series published by DC in 1996 / 1997 – written by Jeph Loeb and featuring artwork by Tim Sale.
Batman Long Halloween.png
While this hasn’t been confirmed – it comes from what I would consider a reputable source – Kevin Smith. Now would be a good time to be tracking down copies of Batman the Long Halloween. There is also a two part animated film apparently in the works as well based on the Batman Long Halloween series.


Thanks to Ultramaximus for the heads-up about this


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