Magazine Speculation Spotlight on Deadline Magazine

Deadline Magazine was a British publication that focused on the current counter culture publishing articles about art, music and comic books. The magazine also featured various comic strips. Deadline Magazine was launched in 1988 by Brett Ewins and Steve Dillon – and like most British magazines – Deadline had a very limited distribution within North America. Deadline Magazine lasted for 71 issues and ceased publication in 1995.

While most of the issues of this periodical sell for $5 to $10 the only noteworthy issue is Deadline #1. The first issue of Deadline has been a well known key for some time – it features the first appearance of Tank Girl, which appears in a self-titled black and white comic strip. Tank Girl was created by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett. Tank Girl focuses on Rebecca Buckler AKA Tank Girl, who drives a tank that she also lives in – the series features her various adventures and is based in futuristic Australia.

Deadline Magazine #1

Eventually in 1991 Dark Horse Comics purchased the rights to reprint the Tank Girl comic-strips and started to reprint them in full colour. Like Deadline #1 – the first Dark Horse series of Tank Girl published as a four issue mini-series, is sought after by many comic book collectors.
Tank Girl #1

Another book Dark Horse Comics published in 1991 was Deadline U.S.A #1. Deadline U.S.A. featured some reprinted UK material as well as all-new American material. The first issue sells for $25 to $35 and features the first published comic appearance of the band Gwar. Deadline U.S.A. had two volumes – the first ran for three issues and the second ran for eight. The only noteworthy issue from this run is the first issue from the first volume.

Deadline USA #1
Right now Deadline Magazine #1 and the first Dark Horse Comics Tank Girl Mini-series are selling at all time lows. While GPA only reports two graded sales of Deadline #1, raw copies have been selling for $80 to $150 over the past three months which is much lower than this issue historically sells for. Tank Girl is a fan favorite character. While Tank girl already had a film adaptation its very possible in the current comic book media climate we could see a reboot in the very near future. Deadline Magazine #1 is not a book you should be sleeping on.


Ice T.jpg


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