Spotlight on the Boom Studios Killing the Children #1 different Printings

Boom Studios seems to be taking a new approach to how they’re marketing their new comic book series by playing what I would consider “the speculative game“. Instead of having large second printings or over-printing books they have recently launched two series where the first print issue #1’s have been in third or fourth printings before the titles initial release – creating “special collectors items” reprints.

The first series this happened with was Once and Future #1 – initially announced as a six-part mini-series by Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora, Once and Future has now been extended to an on-going series, which is no surprise considering by the time the first print issue #1 was released, Once and Future #1 was already into its fifth printing. While there are some sales of the first print for $6 to $8 the two books that are really seeing attention are the newly released second print selling for $20 to $30 and the third print which is selling for north of $10 in presale

Once and Future #1 First Print          Once and Future #1 Second Print2          Once and Future #1 Third Print

This seems to be a new trend with Boom Studios titles. A new title that comes out on September 4 that has already sold out at the distribution level is Something is killing the Children #1. This book has a cover B and a Final order cutoff (FOC) variant cover (by Jenny Frison). This book has already gone into a Fourth printing. In presale the first print cover A is selling for about $8 and the cover b is averaging around $12 while the FOC variant is selling for around $14. The second print hasn’t had any sales above cover but I wouldn’t be surprised if it followed the same trend as Once and Future #1.

SOmething is killing the Children #1          Something is killing the children #1 FOC          Something is killing the children #1 second print


Boom Studios seems to be intentionally shorting print runs and catering towards the speculative market – is this good for the comic market? I’m not sure. It seems weird that Boom is hyping up their various titles without over-printing them to allow retailers to order them. Either way Boom is helping fuel the steadily increasing Wednesday Warrior trend we’ve witnessed over the past two years and that is something I have to endorse and commend them for.


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