Marvel Unlimited Collectible Kit for 2019/2020

This week news came out about the 2019 / 2020 Marvel Unlimited Collectible Kit. The Marvel Unlimited Collectible Kit is a bonus gift marvel sends to Marvel Unlimited subscribers at the $100 annual  level. Marvel Unlimited gives subscribers access to a digital catalog that is updated weekly with over 25,000 digital comic. Customers can subscribe monthly at $9.99, annually for $69 or they can pay $99 for the Annual Plus membership that comes with the Marvel Unlimited collectible Kit.

The Marvel Unlimited collectible Kit includes a few exclusive items including a Hasbro action figure, two comics books a Patch and a pin. Last years collectible kit included a Black Panther #1 and Venom #1 variant as well as a Venomized Punisher figure inspired directly from the pages of What if #44 – What if Venom had possessed the Punisher.
This years kit includes variant covers to House of X #1 and House of X #2 as well as an action figure of Terror Deadpool (first appeared in St. George #2 1988 Epic Comics as Schreck).
Marvel Unlmited 2019 2020
Based on how collectible Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men run has been over the past few weeks the exclusive variant covers could have some short term legs. Ordering these membership kits is something to be thinking about.


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