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The last kickstarter I gave money to was the Matt Kindt Mind MGMT record and book set. Today Matt sent over an update about the new project he’s working on, a large format graphic novel from the Science Fiction genre. I think its well worth checking out.
Here’s Matt Kindt’s original pitch,

I want to let you know that I’m doing something new. It’s been over six months since I’ve written and drawn a new comic book project…and it’s for good reason.

Everything the last six months has been building to this. Today I’m launching a new Kickstarter for The HEK Treasury, a deluxe collection of all new epic, experimental science fiction, fantasy and genre short stories.  It’s a a  120 page deluxe European-sized (approx. 9×12) hardcover book with all new material. I’ll be writing, drawing, and painting 1/3 of this project, along with my studio mates Brian Hurtt and Marie Enger. What is  The HEK Treasury?  Well, imagine  “The Twilight Zone” and McSweeneys had a baby.

It’s going to be at least 120 page (even more of full color over-sized science-fiction and fantasy self-contained stories. My stories are three interconnected near-future stories that take place after the “great mech wars” and follow re-purposed mechs that are no longer used as weapons. Instead, we follow them and their new purpose. There’s a story with a fleet of mechs trekking across the country and being used as mobile homes. Another story follows a vet of the mech wars, suffering from PTSD and living in a ghost-filled mech on a mountain – tasked with preventing forest fires. And the third story involves a deep-sea diving mech with a serial killer on board…being chased by bounty hunters.

In addition to these traditional stories – this book is going to come with a lot of ground-breaking story techniques. One of the stories is going to be something you read…and then take a series of caption stickers (supplied) and place them over the story to create an entirely new reading experience when you read it again.

Also, there will be fold-out tri-fold pages with epic cut-away mech diagrams and paper-craft mechs that also contain a narrative that you read as you assemble it.

This book is going to have a lot of extras – but at its heart – it’s just a big book full of sci-fi world-building stories from me and my studio-mates, Brian Hurtt and Marie Enger. We’re each doing our own third of the book and we’re also collaborating on a few extra short stories to create a book that is like nothing else out there.

You can check out the project here


Standard Issue          Hek Deluxe Edition 1

While this book will be made available through Diamond and Comic Book Stores, according to the crowdsourcing page, “The Kickstarter exclusive version of the book will be hardcover bound in black cloth with a gold-foil custom piece of art and a few unique surprises that will only appear in this edition. It will also be signed and numbered by the artists.” If you’re a fan of Matt Kindt, Brian Hurtt or their work on Sixth Gun and Mind MGMT this is a book you should be checking out!


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