Hollywood Daze: Master of Kung-Fu

Today some news came out through the rumor mill about Marvel’s upcoming Master of Kung Fu film. So far we know very little about what Marvel has planned for this film except for a few cast announcements and that Marvel plans to introduce “the real” Mandarin. Today’s news is that Marvel has plans for “Leiko Wu, Fin Fang Foom, Clive Reston and Fah Lo Suee”. Now while this is just an unsubstantiated rumor these characters are going to start to see a sudden surge in interest not unlike Blue Marvel and Tyrant.

In the last few years the first appearance of Fin Fang Foom has become a silver age key – first appearing in Strange Tales #89 from 1961.

Leiko Wu’s first appearance is in Master of Kung Fu #33 published in 1975. Leiko Wu is a trained agent with MI-6 that worked along side Shang-Chi in several story-lines. Another character that appeared with them was her former lover Clive Reston – also a British agent. Clive Reston first appears in Giant Size Master of Kung Fu #3.



Fah Lo Suee first appears in Master of Kung Fu #26. She is Shang-Chi’s sister – both having the father Fu Manchu. Fah Lo Suee at one point becomes the head of MI-6 so its possible the story-line will have some basis around that organization.

Since this rumor started floating around online most of the reasonably priced copies of these books have disappeared from most online marketplaces. Aside from Strange Tales #89 – these books are going to see a lot of movement in the next few days and weeks – these are books to be looking for and holding onto until more news comes out about the Master of Kung Fu film.

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