SDCC Exclusive Comics Watch – Part 3


Sleepy Jawn from the Comicbookwars podcast sent me a third list of San Diego Comic Convention exclusives. His first article can be found here, His second list can be found here. Without further ado, here are the SDCC exclusive comics that are on Sleepy Jawns watch list.


DC/Warner Brothers – Booth #4545


DC Universe Signup SDCC comic variants

Here’s an interesting promotion, especially considering rumors floating around about the future of DC Universe. If you signup for a year of DC Universe through the app at the con you receive four exclusive comics. Young Justice: Outsiders #1, Detective Comics #1000, Saga of the Swamp Thing #21 and Doom Patrol #1. The one that interests me is the Tec #1000 which has an exclusive Jim Lee variant cover. The other three covers are images from the TV shows. The Lee could command a premium on the second market. I’ve also read that you can get these if you signup online the weekend of SDCC.

DC will also have their typical variant foil covers for art / issues already released.


Image Comics – Booth #1915


Sea of Stars #1 SDCC Variant $10 + tax

There’s been some buzz around this book and I really like the composition and colors of this cover.

Spawn #299 SDCC Variant $10 + tax

This cover features artwork by Francesco Mattina and is limited to 500. It doesn’t look like his typical work. At any rate it’s pre-selling at $40+. Thanks Patrick Meleragno for the correction.


Vault Comics – Booth #1819


Vault will be giving away advanced preview copies of Mall #1 and a black and white 10 page ashcan of another new series called The Plot.


Resonant #1 SDCC / Comic Dreams Variant (limited to 250)

Comic Dreams is keeping this variant with art from Ramon Villalobos pretty tight lipped. They are not yet stating where you can pick this up at the con or the price. The book’s author, David Andry, will have a limited number of copies available at the Vault Booth during his scheduled daily signings.


Resonant #1 & Sera and the Royal Stars #1

SDCC / Space Cadets Collection Collection Variant

Vault is doing two comics with collectibles shop Space Cadets Collection Collection (yes, that is typed correctly). Resonant by Dawn Carlos and Sera by veteran Kris Anka.


Aspen Comics – Booth #2320


Lola XO Vol. 3 #1 Siya Oum SDCC Variant

This series has been on and off with reboots for five years now. Hard to believe.  Oum does some really nice work on occasion. I’m feeling this one and it’s limited to 25! She also has two Fathom covers that are limited to 25.


BOOM! Studios – Booth #2229


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #38 Werneck SDCC Variant $15

Decent variant cover featuring what I believe is The Praetor. There have been some sales of $35 for this one.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40 Mercado SDCC Variant $20

These character costume covers have done really well historically and this one is pretty cool. Currently pre-sales are $40+.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40 Montes SDCC Make-a-Wish Foundation Variant

Here’s a really awesome variant. Hasbro created a character for an 8 year old in the Make-A-Wish program. 20 percent of the sale price of this will go directly to Make-A-Wish. I haven’t seen pricing on this one yet but it’s pre-selling for $70+


If you’re not rangered out yet, there are a few more Power Rangers variants that they will be selling as well including a White Ranger showcase variant that retails for $40 and is pre-selling for $70.

Planet Awesome Collectibles – Booth #817

White Widow #1 BossLogic Variant Trade / $25 (limited to 300) Virgin / $35 (limited to 100)

Here’s an interesting one. Fan favorite for his digital movie poster work, Boss Logic, is stepping into the comic realm. I can see some interest in this one once the masses hear about it. He will also be signing at the booth. His first comic work was a 2018 TMNT #1 variant which can still be found on Kevin Eastman’s site.




Batman & The Maxx 12×18 Art Print $100 (signed, limited to 50)

We haven’t been talking about much other than the comics at SDCC, but this one I feel has some potential. Sam Keith does not make many public appearances and therefor his signature has become hard to get in recent years. This is singed by both Keith and BossLogic who is the artist for the print. There is also a Joker print with the same spec’s.


Tony D. Daniel Mystery Bag $100 (limited to 100)

This is another cool item that could be worth the buy in. Daniel charges $100 just for a remark at shows and there is one grand prize winning package that has some published covers in it.

KRS Comics / Mike Mayhew Studios – Booth #4415


Vampirella #1 “Gilded” and Bloodlust Virgins $30 / Gilded, $50 / set (limited to 500 each)

Note both these Mayhew variants can be ordered directly from his site as well.



Black Cat #1 SDCC Variant $30 (limited to 500)

Mayhew had another #1 variant on his site when the issue was first released. This is a new cover for SDCC.

Thats it for now! Check back soon for write-ups about SDCC developments and announcements!

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