SDCC Exclusive Comics Watch – Part 2

Sleepy Jawn from the Comicbookwars podcast sent me a second list of San Diego Comic Convention exclusives. His first article can be found here. Without further ado, here are the SDCC exclusive comics that are on Sleepy Jawns watch list.


  • Skybound – Booth #1915


The Walking Dead #193 SDCC Variant

Originally I was hearing that they were not doing a variant for SDCC for this issue. Well, low and behold it has appeared with a blue cover coloring to it. I am also hearing that this will be considered a first print even though it’s being released later it was supposedly printed at the same time as the first print…IDK, seems odd. I have not heard any word yet on exclusivity.



The Walking Dead #192 CGC SS 9.8 (numbered) – Price $192

We have seen some big winners already come out for SDCC such as the TMNT #95 variant that is already sold out. I think this will be the big hit of the show for comics. The death of Rick, signed by Kirkman and Adlard and numbered on the cover and label of 192 total. (Has SDCC ever done a numbered label? Not that I know of.) This comes with a special label as well that has the image from the 2nd print of 192 on it.




  • Marvel – Booth #2329


Captain Marvel #7 JSC SDCC Glow-in-the-Dark Variant $25

It wouldn’t be SDCC without an glow in the dark SDCC variant. These have historically been limited to 1,000. These are being listed near the $70 range with no sales yet.


Uncanny X-Men #21 JTC SDCC Fluorescent Variant $25

First we have JSC, now a JTC, John Tyler Christopher. He became more of a household name for his action figure variants. He’s been doing more of these negative variants as well which really look great. These are being listed near the $50 range with no sales yet.




Thats it for now! Check back soon for write-ups about SDCC developments and announcements!

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