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Unless you’ve been buried in the latest terrible Marvel 67 issue crossover arc, you know Spawn comics have been hot for a while. The demand for Spawn comics stems from multiple areas, in my opinion.

  1. Spawn is about to hit the historic 301st issue which will make it the longest running creator owned comic in history. In the 35+ years since the historic first issue, it has been a large fan base, not only with comic collectors but also crossover into the gaming world. Spawn is even featured as a special character in the new Mortal Kombat 11 video game.
  2. Lower distribution Spawn issues have been rising in value of the past few years. Around issue #180 (2009) the distribution dipped below the 20,000 mark which could be considered low for a long running, somewhat popular comic. Obviously the flavor had started to lack which reflects this dip.
  3. Todd McFarlane fans. They love anything and everything he does and let’s be honest, if Todd wasn’t involved in the comic anymore it probably would be dead.


Onto the good stuff!


As I mentioned, the lower distribution Spawn’s are rising in value with books like #216, #219, #245, #249, etc… going for $40+. The distribution for these just over 12,000 for these issues and most only have one cover (216 has a color and black and white). 12,000 is pretty low, but let’s look at some covers that are even lower and still very affordable.

Starting with issue #259 Spawn moved to a multiple cover format. Typically these were a color base cover and a black and white variant or B cover. These were not a ratio variants for the B covers and were open order. The distribution starting at issue #259 stayed in the 16,000 – 20,000 range up to issue #284 which saw numbers jump to 47,000 as it was the 2nd Mattina cover. But let’s remember, this is split between two covers! We will never know the percentage of A covers to B covers, but obviously we lean to the cover A having higher numbers than cover B.

So what issues should you be looking for? Really any covers from #259 – #283 are most likely going to have under 10,000 per cover, especially the cover B’s.


Definitely one to look for is #263 in which Al Simmons is shot by the police. This book has been on peoples radar for a while and consistently sells for $20 – $40. Both covers seem to have pretty equal demand and price points.




Some of my personal favorites are #267A, a great Rafael Albuquerque cover and #268 which has an awesome cover by up and comer Faraz Shanyar.




And one last arc that I have been recommending as not only great covers but also great content is the Dark Horror arc, issues #276 – #282. This features Al Simmons former wife’s daughter, Cyan, grown and finding that she too has powers. McFarlane announced at the 2018 Image Expo that she would be getting her own series and going by the name of Misery and the promotional image used was the black and white cover to Spawn #282.

Her 1st appearance is in Spawn #275 where she is taken over and says she is called Misery. It’s not mentioned after that in the Dark Horror arc. Most speculators were calling her Black Mirror as she had said that in one of the issues in Dark Horror. There is also a Las Vegas Amazing Con variant for #275 which was sold at the 2017 event and was still being sold at the 2019 convention.




I am finding these low distribution issues for $1-2 online and in convention backstock and stocking up. As we have seen it takes a few years for these to become more in demand and thus leading to an increased value. That’s all for now – make sure to come back to Comicbookspeculation.com to see more new articles from me! You can read all of my posts here!

Thanks for reading and don’t sleep on these Spawn issues!

– Sleepy Jawn

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