Spotlight on The Phantasm


This week Tom King tweeted out a teaser image for his upcoming Batman and Catwoman Miniseries. Right now the book is scheduled for release in January of 2020. This image features the female villain The Phantasm – who first appeared in the DC animated universe.

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 5.28.40 PM

The Phantasm first appeared in the 1993 animated Batman: Mask of the Phantasm film. Her first comic appearance is the comic adaptation of the film, Batman Mask of the Phantasm The Animated Movie #1. There are three versions of this book including a prestige format and a digest version.

While the animated adaptation has jumped in price it hasn’t caught fire. Phantasm next appears in the Batman and Robin Adventures #1 Annual from 1996 – this book serves as a sequel to the Mask of the Phantasm film storyline. In May this book sold on average for $15 to $20 – today it sells for $65 to $100!
Batman and Robin Annual #1

Another book that has recently started to catch steam is the first appearance of  Phantasm out of the DC animated universe – this happens in the 2014 issue of Batman Beyond Universe #13. This book leads off a four part storyline featuring the Phantasm character. This book has sold out on most online marketplaces and currently there is one auction on ebay with a few days to go sitting at $12.


Batman Beyond Universe #13
These are all books to be looking for. While these books are currently seeing a lot of attention – depending on how Tom King utilizes this character these books could see an even greater demand come January.


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