Oblivion Song – REVISITED (in production at Universal Studios)


Oblivion Song #1
Over the last year and a half we have written two articles (1) (2) about the Robert Kirkman series Oblivion Song. Earlier today news broke that Kirkman’s Oblivion Song was being adapted by Universal Studios as a feature film. Since the news broke over 100 copies of Oblivion Song #1 have sold online. I think now is a great time to review the key Oblivion Song issues.

Oblivion Song #1
was released in March of 2018 but Skybound and Image Comics released an advanced readers preview trade paperback of the first four issues at special retailers only breakfast at the 2017 New York Comic Con. In January of 2018 when Oblivion Song was still on Final Order Cut off (where retailers were still able to order copies of the first issue) Skybound sent additional copies of the trade paperback to retailers, distributing one copy to every active Diamond Comics Accounts. This Trade paperback is the first published appearance of Oblivion Song – since it features the first six issues there are various first appearances in this book.

Oblivion Song
With the release of the first issue Skybound released a deluxe collectors edition for Oblivion Song #1. Included in this collectors pack was a full statue of the protagonist of Nathan Cole. Also included was a pin and a special foil variant copy of Oblivion Song #1This is the rarest variant for Oblivion Song. These were highly allocated upon release as they were strictly limited to 1000 copies. All of the statues are numbered on the bottom.
Oblivion Song Statue

First made available through various Skybound Comics Comic convention appearances, the Pink signature variant for Oblivion Song #1 is highly sought after. Skybound had previously released “pink signature variants” for Walking Dead #171 and Redneck #6 – these books feature a minute change on the cover where the covers artist signature appears in pink. When Oblivion Song #1 was released Skybound made it a point to announce a very high print run so it would be assumed that these pink signatures variants have a smaller print run than the regular issue #1. After convention season some retailers noticed that if they reordered copies of Oblivion Song #1 through Diamond they would receive pink signature variants – so there are more copies out there than originally thought.

Oblivion Song #1 pink

Following the secret variant trend, for Oblivion Song #4 Skybound released another special edition variant to retailers. This book was randomly inserted into retailers orders and featured a small frog image on the cover.

Oblivion Song #4 Variant
As interest grows for this series and more news comes out about the development of this feature film these books will increase in popularity. Robert Kirkman keeps proving to the speculative community that his titles should not be slept on.


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