Spotlight on Outcasts of Jupiter: The Brian K. Vaughan Effect

Shout out Nico for bringing this up. And Thanks Sleepy Jawn for helping with the link.

This week the Creators for Creators comic book charity and goodwill organization announced the winner for there yearly grant.  Creators for Creators features contributors Brian K. Vaughan, Rick Remender, Matt Fraction and Charlie Adlard to name a few. The purpose of this charity is to give a $30,000 grant each year to a new comic book creator. The money is to be used to help promote and create a proposed book.

This year Brian K. Vaughan announced the winner as Shobo and Shof Coker for there forthcoming comic book Outcasts of Jupiter. This is the first time a creative team has won the grant instead of a sole creator. This new publication of this book will be a reprint and continuation of already published material – Outcasts of Jupiter was originally published in 2014 through a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign.



“Morocco, 3125. Earth is a very different place. Follow four outcasts as they attempt a daring rescue to free their comrade from the Burj, a mysterious tower located in the courtyard of a heavily fortified clifftop palace in the City of Seven Faces. “


Before this new publication of Outcasts of Jupiter you can still buy physical copies of the original 2014 kickstarter edition from Shof Coker’s website. The Link can be found here. Depending on the kind of audience the new publication finds this originally printing could see a sudden spurge of interest.
Outcasts of Jupiter #1



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