Comic Book Wars Episode 5

The comic book podcast returns this week! With Jimmy, Nico and Sleepy John discussing all things comic book speculation this week!

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  • Can you put the audio up on Soundcloud or some such thing? Would be nice to listen to you guys while driving!

  • I think you were talking recently about some golden age stuff. Here’s a short list of some stuff that sold on Ebay by the same dealer on 06/02/19. Same type of stuff you were trending.
    Weird Mysteries #5 Classic Brain Cover Pre-Code Horror Comic 1953 CGC 3.0
    Tales of Terror Annual #1 RARE Pre-Code EC Horror Giant Comic 1951 CGC 2.5
    Tales from the Crypt #22 High Grade DOUBLE COVER Pre-Code EC Horror 1951 CGC 8.0
    Chamber of Chills #23 Classic Cover Original Owner Pre-Code Horror 1954 CGC 5.5
    Blue Bolt Weird Tales #114 High Grade Pre-Code Horror L.B. Cole 1952 CGC 7.5

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