Hollywood Daze: DC’s Pearl by Brian Bendis

Today Brian Michael Bendis took to twitter to make a weird announcement. According to Bendis, issue #10 of his Jinxworld DC title, Pearl, was just sent to the printer and Bendis said it features a movie announcement in the letters column.

While this is still a rumor and hasn’t been confirmed by DC or any major studios this book has started to move online – specifically on ebay. Pearl first appears in the first issue of her self-titled book published by DC under the Jinxworld imprint. This book has three covers a regular A cover by Pearl Co-Creator Michael Gaydos, a B Cover by Alex Maleev and a blank variant cover.


Online all three of these covers are selling above the $3.99 cover price. You can still buy copies of the blank variant on midtowns online comics shop. The Cover A and Cover B both seem to be selling around or above $20.


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