Week in Review: May 22

Radically Rearranged Ragdolls #1

This week sees the release of Kevin Eastman’s Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls #1. We dicussed this book and its kickstarter first edition a few weeks ago here. Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls #1 has five covers and all of them seem to be selling a few dollars above the books cover price. The Kickstarter variant also has a few sales ranging from $35 to $45.


This past week news came out that DC comics had sent a cease and desist letter to Devils AOC 1Due comics and the New York Collector Cave comic store who produced a store variant for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force #1 featuring Ocasio-Cortez wearing a Wonder Woman costume. This variant cover had two versions including a limited to 250 virgin cover that has been selling for $700 to $1000 online.
This has pushed up the values of other variants for this title that have Ocasio-Cortez wearing the Wonder Woman costume. While the New York Comic Cave have pulled the sales of all copies of their variant cover you can still find some of the other wonder woman covers that have been heating up online.



The Washington warrior variant that has been selling for $20 to $50 (with some peak sales around $100) can still be ordered for $10 on the Devil’s Due website. The Comic Convention special variant that has recent sales of as much as $150 can still be found on that same website for $5 each. DC’s cease and desist letter was only based around the New York Comic Cave variant so I wouldn’t expect prices for these other covers to maintain their current values but there is definitely still a great quick flip opportunity. Its also worth noting that the Comic Convention special as well as the early voter edition preview book were the first published appearances of this title.


Spawn #297This past weekend Diamond held a retailer summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. A lot of comic book news came out of this event including various covers for the upcoming Spawn #300 comic as well as news about an all new Maximum Carnage Marvel event. As part of the event participating publishers provide retailers with various exclusive comic book variant covers. The winner from this past weekend seems to be the Spawn #297 variant cover. This variant was only available at the Diamond Summit so it has a relatively low print run and it has been selling online for $200 to $350. Most copies were signed by Todd Mcfarlane so unsigned copies will probably sell for a premium. Based on the previous success and collectibility of previous spawn variant covers and because this book has a very low print run, this variant cover will be sought after for some time.



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