Week in Review: May 15

War of the realms #1 second print

Last week’s War Of The Realms New Agents Of Atlas #1 ratio variant covers continue to perform well on the secondary market. While this book contains a few first appearances one that hasn’t really been discussed is Luna Snow. Luna Snow was first introduced in Marvel’s mobile game Marvel’s Future Fight. Luna Snow is described as a part-time pop star part-time super-hero. What is interesting about this character is that Marvel has released several Luna Snow K-Pop singles on youtube. Marvel is releasing a second print variant cover for New Agents of Atlas #1 and it will have a 1:25 ratio variant, both covers will features Luna Snow.

This weeks issue of Immortal Hulk, Immortal Hulk #17, sees the reintroduction of the Abomination. While lots of copies of Immortal Hulk #17 have sold online in the past two days there are no sales above cover. One book that is seeing a lot of interest online is the first appearance of the Abomination, Tales to Astonish #90 from 1967. This is a book to be looking for in the wild as it will be seeing a lot action in the coming weeks.

Tales To Astonish 90

We also see the release of Naomi #5 this week. This is the second last issue in the first Naomi mini-series. You would expect retailers to have caught up with this title and ordered enough copies to fill demand, however, this book is selling online for a few dollars above its cover price.

Naomi #5
There are two variant covers that come out this week that seem to be selling well online. The first is the Spider-Man Life Story #3 1:25 ACO variant cover. This book has been selling well from $30 to $35. Following the Marvel Tales variant trend, Marvel Tales Iron Man #1 features a 1:50 Jen Bartel virgin variant cover. This book has been selling for $80 to $100.



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