Week in Review: March 27

This week seems to be very focused around ratio variants. This week’s Marvel Rising #1 features a 1 in 25 variant cover that features cover art by Peach Momoko. This book has had a handful of sales ranging from $60 to $120. All sales on ebay over the past week for this book have been well above ratio. Every new sale seems to be above the previous sale, so this is a book that is definitely trending up.

Another ratio variant that has seen some interest online is the Jenny Frison 1 in 25 variant for Age of X-Men X-Tremists #2. This book has had several sales online ranging from $30 to $40.

This week sees the release of the first widely distributed augmented reality comic book, Steve Aoki’s Neon Future #1. This book has sold out at the distribution level and has been selling for double cover on ebay. While I don’t think this book has long term legs, all covers are still available for purchase from the publishers online store for cover price.
This past weekend Wegotthiscovered put out an article claiming Marvel was looking to ultimate spider-mancast a black actor for this role of Taskmaster, indicating that Taskmaster would be the villain in the upcoming Black Widow solo film. This led many people to start jumping on Ultimate Task Master spec-train. This is just a rumor and has not been confirmed by Marvel. The only Black Taskmaster to appear in comics showed up in the Ultimate Comics Universe. His first appearance in the Ultimate Universe is Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #26. Over the weekend this book had sales online spiking around $60, it has since dropped down to an average sale price of $15 to $20.

There are a few reasons why this is not a book I would be holding onto. First of this rumor is completely unconfirmed and second, historically the Ultimate Comic Universe speculation is very short term when it comes to character transformations (just look at the first appearance of Black Nick Fury). The only book you should be looking for and holding onto based on this news is the first appearance of the Taskmaster in the Marvel Universe, Avengers #196.



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  • This coming week seems to be one of the biggest events of the year because Major X is having his first appearance in Major x #1 and marvel is hyping a lot through its creator Rob Liefeld, and even has a trailer for the release. I can tell it’s going to be popular because they already are on the second print of issue #1 before issue #1 is even released!!! There are still some regular 1st print cover A copies at midtowncomics.com

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