Week in Review: February 27

This week seems to be heavily based around cover art. This week’s Batgirl #32 and Wonder Woman #65 cover B’s are getting a lot of attention, while they’re not selling above cover, a fair number of copies are being traded online. Another DC cover B that is seeing some sporadic sales online is the John Bryne cover for Detective Comics #999.

steven universe
The Steven Universe #25 Cover B variant has had two or three sales above cover, ranging around $15. There is also currently an auction on ebay above $10.


This week sees the release of Mad Cave Studios Honor and Curse #1. This book has a handful of sales above $10, with the most recent sale on ebay hitting $19. Like with the Mad Cave Studios Knights of Golden Sun, I wouldn’t expect prices to stay at these levels – while Knights of the Golden Sun #1 peaked at $60 it is now selling on average for $20. It is also worth noting that like previous Mad Cave Studio releases, Honor and Curse has a #1 retailer preview that would be considered the first appearances of these characters and story.



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