Spotlight on La Prensa Spider-Man

Recently there was a thread on twitter that started a firestorm of sorts around certain issues of a foreign reprint editions of The Amazing Spider-Man, originated from this twitter post by Twitter User Comickeys.



In 1963 Mexican comic Publisher La Pre122 el hombrensa started publishing Marvel comics translated into Spanish to be sold in Mexico. Three months after the release of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #1, La Prensa published El Sorprendente Hombre Araña #1 – a Spanish reprint of Amazing Spider-Man #1. Eventually the title became so successful that La Prensa wanted to publish two issues a month*, which led to the editor of La Prensa going to Marvel and asking permission to publish new material for the Spanish reading market. Marvel agreed and the first La Presena El Sorprendente Hombre Araña book with original material was published in issue 123. It should be noted that issue #122 features reprinted marvel material but with a new cover, the first cover featuring artwork by José Luis Durán. From issue 122 to issue 185 there were 45 original covers and 44 original stories by Mexican artists (The majority featuring artwork by José Luis Durán) published in La Presena’s Hombre Araña series.   A Full list of these titles can be found here.



I believe that since these books feature original material and artwork that has never been reprinted for the English speaking comic market and as more people become aware of these books they will become more sought after. I think these books are very comparable to the Manga Batman series that was only available in Japan. These books have great long term potential.



*according to Alberto Calvo. A Comic book translator living in Mexico City.

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  • Great report! I would love to see an English adaptation of this. Unlike manga, the art here resembles Marvel from the 70’s. Reprints of this Mexican series would be great for older collectors especially who are hungry for nostalgia but would be consuming unread material.

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