New Hulu / Marvel Animated Series Announced

Late last year when Marvel started canceling its TV-series at Netflix the assumption was that the shows would be brought over to Disney’s not yet launched streaming service. It appears Disney and Marvel might be going in a different direction. Today Marvel announced that they would be developing four adult oriented animated series for the Hulu Streaming service with Jeph Loeb having some involvement.

Kevin Smith has signed on  for the Howard the Duck Series that sees Davis Willis voicing the title character. Howard the Duck first appeared in Adventures Into Fear #19, the first issue of his own series from 1976 should also see a spike of interest.



Chealsea Handler is going to get an executive producer credit for the Tigra and Dazzler Show. Greer Grant first appeared in Beware the Cat #1 before taking on the Tigra name  in Giant Size Creatures #1. Beware the Cat #1 has an error variant, which I wrote about here. The Dazzler is a character that has been widely speculated on, she first appeared is X-Men #130. The first issue of her on-going series from 1981 has been trending up recently, there is also an error version of this book where page 24 and 24 are printed without colour.

The two other animated series will be based around Hit-Monkey and M.O.D.O.K. Hit-Monkey makes his first appearance in the 2010 Hit-Monkey One-shot while M.O.D.O.K. has a speaking role in Tales of Suspense #93 he doesn’t appear until Tales of Suspense #94.

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