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In Nico’s previous article he briefly touched on the newly announced EC Comics / Hivemind TV deal. You can read that full article here. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good time to highlight the lowest printed EC Comics line, the Superior Comics Editions.


During World War 2, Canada had war ration laws where non-essential items were banned from being imported – this included comic books. After the war ended Canada 2019-02-08-0001maintained laws banning certain imports, including American comic books. During this time many companies sprung up in Canada (most based in Toronto) where they repackaged and reproduced American comic books, one of these companies was Superior Comics. Superior Comics started repackaging American comic books in 1947. In 1949 Superior Comics retained the rights to republish EC Comics material and started printing various issues from the EC catalog. These books had a much lower distribution run when compared to there American counterparts.

If you’re buying EC books or putting a collection together of EC comics, these Canadian edition variants shouldn’t be slept on. If you’ve been following the yearly Overstreet price guide advisor reports, in recent years there has been a huge push for Canadian Comic Books. While like Canadian price variants, Canada printed books have a very niche market, but over the last few years this market has grown and these books have seen a surge of interest.


One particular repacked EC title for the Canadian market that I think is very interesting is the Weird Suspenstories series. This title had three issues all of which were repacked issues of EC’s original Crime Suspenstories. At the time of publication Canada had passed new laws making it illegal to sell crime comic books which is why Superior changed the name. You can read about why Canada Banned crime comics here.



Based on the Hivemind / EC Comics media deal news I think the Superior Comic editions of Weird Fantasy are great books to be looking for. These books have low prints, are very difficult to find in high grade and in the right auction setting sell very well.

Its also worth noting that when Superior Comics reproduced Weird Fantasy #1 and Weird Science #1 they switched the contents of the two titles where Weird Fantasy #1 featured the contents of the American printing of Weird Science #1 and Weird Science #1 featured the contents of the American printing of Weird Fantasy #1



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