Deck To Watch: Krark-Clan Combo

Welcome to our new Magic Card Speculation segment written by Magic enthusiast Brandon Susens.

This weekend saw some very interesting results come out of Grand Prix Oakland.  While the winning deck was Izzet Phoenix (which has also picked up a lot of steam lately) I’m much more excited by the results put up by Krark-Clan Ironworks.  4 Different players in the top 8 were playing this deck including Hunter Cochran who finished in 2nd place.

This deck didn’t come out of nowhere but there is one new card that has propelled this deck to such heights and it’s one that I think is very undervalued:

All 4 of the Krark-clan decks that made it to the top 8 played 4 copies of Scrap Trawler.  That means this had the 3rd most copies of any non-land card in the final rounds.  Yet we price it like bulk? I specifically think the Buy-A-Box promo is the best target because it’s foil and I like the art better.  As of this morning there are 19 copies available for .99 each on SCG and that is crazy to me. They are selling for less than the cards coming out of the pack! To compare another recent Buy-A-Box promo, Legion’s Landing, sells for 5 dollars more in the Buy-A-Box version on SCG.

None of this is to say I’m down on the standard version I also think that has nowhere to go but up.  These aren’t being printed anymore so the supply is limited but it has found a clear home in Modern which always means price increases.

My target price for the B-A-B. promo is $7 and standard copies is $5.

I also really like Engineered Explosives right now.  Every printing of this card commanded $90+ as of October last year and prices have tanked.  Yes it was reprinted but this was a masters set so I’m sure the print run wasn’t too high. SCG currently has 7 from Ultimate Masters available.  To compare they have 27 near mint and 20 Played from Modern Masters. There are other retailers who have roughly the same amount of both but I think that still shows that there aren’t that many UMA copies floating around.  Engineered Explosives sees a ton of play in Modern and even some play in Legacy so there should be plenty of demand.

My target price for the Ultimate Masters printing is $50.


Finally we have my last pick from this deck:

Remember earlier when I said that Scrap Trawler had the 3rd most copies of any spell in the top 8? 1st place went to Ancient Stirrings (Tied with Mox Opal) because it was also a 4 of in a Hardened Scales Affinity deck that placed 6th.  Ancient Stirrings is an extremely powerful spell and barring a ban it will continue to see play for a long time.

Before the Reprint this card sold pretty steadily for about $6 and even peaked at $11 (I suspect there was a buyout at that point).  Currently it’s selling under $3 and I think there is a lot of opportunity there. If Krark-Clan gains any amount of popularity after this tournament, which it should, prices are headed upward.  SCG has them listed at $3.49 but they are completely sold out which is a good sign that we will see movement soon.

My Target Price for both printings is $5.


That’s all I have for you today.  Do you like this deck? What do you think of my picks?  Let me know down in the comments and I’ll see you next time!

This segment was written by Magic enthusiast Brandon Susens.

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