Week in Review: December 12

This week sees the release of a few books that are worth looking for.

This week sees the REAL release date of Punchline #2. It had previously been delayed. This book has two covers, the cover A has been selling for $15 while the cover B variant has been selling for $20 to $30.




A new special “green foil” variant printing version of How the Trump Stole Christmas is being released this week. It has a $10 price tag and has had multiple sales online around $15. This is an additional printing of the issue that was released last year. Last years issue while it sold well on release, has cooled down quite a bit. I wouldn’t expect prices to hold on this book but there should be a sudden burst of interest.


Another book being released by Antarctic Press that has been seeing some interest online is Team M.O.B.I.L.E #1. This book has sold out on various comic preorder websites.

One variant that comes out this week that seems to be trending up is the Defenders: Silver Surfer #1 Skan 1:25 cover. Online this book has been selling for $50 to $60 with some higher peak sales. This book seems to be trending up. There is also a 1:50 variant cover for this title but it doesn’t seem to be seeing a lot of love on the secondary market.

defeenders silver surfer

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