Magazine Speculation Part 3: Heavy Metal

This post is an updated version of This post from 2017. Parts of this post also appeared in the Comic Book Scalping video series, “This week in Speculation.” Excerpts from this article originally appeared in episode 7. This video and more can be found on our youtube channel.

Donald Trump has appeared in various comic books over the past 30 years and only a few of those appearances have been flattering. There is one in particular that I’d like to highlight –  Heavy Metal Magazine Volume 14 issue #3 from July of 1990.

This book features a story based around Donald Trump running for Mayor of New York. The Story is called “The Wall” and is written and drawn by Peter Kuper. This book Features scenes of civil unrest, the building of a wall to separate different populations and the deportation of a large groups of people. These are only just a few of the weird parallels to the 2016 US election. This book even features the the “Dump Trump” phrase.


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Above are some excerpts from Heavy Metal Magazine Volume 14 issue #3 from July of 1990.


When Bleeding first reported on this book in November of 2016 the book started to see a lot of interest with copies selling anywhere from $30 to $50. It has since cooled down – and copies can be found for under $10.  Is this a stupid book? Absolutely, but this book predicted Donald Trump’s presidency platform more than 25 years before he ran. Over time this book will start picking up again and it s a good book to be looking for.

A few other noteworthy issues of Heavy Metal to be looking for:

Before it was released in English in America –  Heavy Metal was released in French as “Métal hurlant” and the early French issues are great books to be picking up.


Another Heavy Metal issue that occasionally sees some interest is Heavy Metal From August 1981, Volume 5 #5. This book features the first appearance of Taarna the main female protagonist in the Heavy Metal film. There was also a recently launched new series that saw a lot of interest on release that features some incredible cover art from Alex Ross.


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