Walking Dead 15th Anniversary Blind Bag Variants

This year Image Comics celebrated the 15th anniversary of Walking Dead as a comic book store wide Walking Dead day celebration. They released numerous reprints of key issues with new variant covers. Some of these were Walking Dead 15th Anniversary Blind Bag variants – featuring new comic book art from an assortment of artists – They are 15 variant Covers with an assortment of color, virgin, black and white and trade dress variants. There were also 1:100 “secret” variants. Here is a run down of some of the more note worthy variants and what they’re currently selling for.

For Walking Dead #19 – retailers were offered a J. Scott Campbell variant Cover. Since J. Scott Campbell has a large audience of fans many stores ordered this book. There are five versions of this variant two of the more noteworthy are the 1:100 pencil sketch virgin variant and the black and white virgin inked variant –  these two books have been getting a lot of attention online. The Black and White Inked Virgin variant has been selling for $45 to $60 – and the 1:100 Pencil Sketch Variant has been selling for $150 to $250.

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Walking Dead #48 has a Chris Burnham Variant. Along with the Black and White, Color, and two virgin covers – this book has a “secret” word variant. Along with a full color virgin variant, randomly inserted in the blind bags, is a full color virgin variant with the word “Ka-Sladdittt” on the top portion of the cover. This book has been selling for $100 to $120.

walking dead 48

Walking Dead #98 also has “secret” word variant. This Wes Craig blind bag cover variant series has a full color virgin variant with the word “Thok” on it. There have been a handful of sales around the $120 level.

walking dead 98

Walking Dead #100 has a secret word bubble variant. This randomly inserted blind bag variant features the full color virgin variant, with a different background color, featuring Negan talking. This is the only version of the variant to feature word bubbles. This book has multiple sales online around $150.

walking dead 100

For the Walking Dead #108 Emma Rios variant – there was a randomly inserted 1:100 chance pencil sketch variant. This book has two sales at $150.

emma rios


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