The last few days every speculation related website or social media group has been focused on DC censoring future issues of Batman the Damned #1. DC’s Batman the Damned #1 features full frontal nude panels of Bruce Wayne – which has been reported on by many mainstream media outlets including the Guardian and TMZ. Batman the Damned #1 has a print-run of just over 100,000 and both covers have been selling for $25 to $30 online.
There is also a retailer proof edition of this book that was sent to retailers in July. This book only features the artwork and has no text. Online it has been selling for $60 to $100.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. In 2006 Marvel revamped their Marvel Knights imprint and started to publish high-quality mature limited series. The Marvel Knights imprint published stories that took place outside of the current Marvel Universe. One of those series was Spider-Man Reign. When the first issue of Spider-Man Reign was released marvel sent out a content advisory to retailers and stated the book was 100% returnable based on its content. This was because one of the panels included a nude adult spider-man. Like Batman the Damned #1, Spider-Man Reign #1 was not recalled by the publisher, however, the nude panel was removed from all subsequent printings. A few years ago this book would regularly sell for $10+. There are currently copies of this book for sale online at cover price.


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