Captain Marvel’s Star Force (Week in Review September 12)

This week sees the release of Venom First Host #3. If you havn’t been following the story, Venom gave Eddie Brock his infant symbiote child to raise for safe keeping. In this issue, Venom’s child fuses with Eddie Brock. This has caused a flood of sales on the first appearance of Venom’s infant symbiote. While this book hasn’t been selling above cover it is a good book to be picking up and holding on to. The first appearance and origin of Venom’s infant symbiote is Venom #165 from April of 2018. This book has two covers.

A book that comes out this week and has been selling well online is Redhood and the Outlaws #26 cover B. Online, This book has been selling for double to triple cover.


Last week Entertainment Weekly released some production images from the Captain Marvel movie. This week a “scene description” was leaked from the Captain Marvel movie set in California. This leak showed that the Starforce Team would have a big role in the Captain Marvel film. The first appearance of the Starforce team is Avengers #346. Some people are speculating on the first appearances of the various members of Starforce, I will expand on this in a later post.



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