Week in Review: JULY 4

This week is a big release week for comic book stores with the release of Batman #50,  Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 and a book where Cyclops dies for the tenth time. Nothing noteworthy happens in these issues but here are a few comics you should be looking for.
This week sees the release of Nightwing #46 featuring a Cover B variant by Ben Oliver. Over the last 24 hours this cover has sold for $10 to $15. Following inline with other hot DC Cover B variants – this book has already sold out at the distributor level.



This week also sees the release of Catwoman #1 and The Death of the inhumans #1. While these books currently havn’t been selling above cover  – both of these books feature first appearances from new villains. The Death of the Inhumans #1 first prints sold out at the distributor level four days before the books release.

Another book you should be looking for is Skyward #1. This book has been optioned by Sony pictures and is being developed for the big screen. Since news broke, Skyward #1 first prints have sold for $15 to $20 on ebay. There is also a Skyward #1 second print variant featuring artwork by Jock that has had a few sales around $15.

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