Week In Review June 27

There are a lot of books coming out this week that are already selling well. Here are a few of them. PLEASE BE AWARE there is at least one spoiler in this article.

This week sees the release of another Joshua Middleton Batgirl virgin variant cover with Batgirl #24 cover B. This book has been selling for $10 to $14 online and like previous Middleton covers, has sold out at the distributor level before release.

Another Cover B that has received a lot of attention is the Ms. Marvel #31 Stephanie Hans alternative cover. While this book was highly anticipated and heavily ordered – it has been selling for $14 to $20.



Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur #32 features the first full appearance of Princess Fisk. Princess Fisk is the Kingpin’s daughter. This is a new take on the kingpin and has great long term holding potential. Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur #32 is currently selling for $12 to $20

The Teen Titans Special #1 comes out this week – when retailers could still order this book DC announced that it would feature a cameo appearance of Lobo’s daughter Crush. While this book does have a larger print run it is a significant issue as it not only features a last page cameo appearance from Crush it also features the death of DC Villain Black Mask. This book has been selling for $7 to $10.

Bloodstrike Brutalists #23 features the first appearance of the new Rob Liefeld slapstick character, The Pouch. This book has an alternative cover by Rob Liefeld – that has been selling for $6 to $10 online.



Another book featuring a first appearance is Venom #3. Venom #3 features the first appearance of God of the Symbiotes. While this book isn’t currently selling above cover there is a lot of buzz around this book. There are also several incentive variant covers.

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